Personal Development

Self-discovery can be one of the most wild and challenging adventures you will face, but discovering a sense of who you genuinely are along the way can also be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever journey. When we show up for our life as our most fully authentic selves, the wonder begins.


Each relationship carries it’s own unique DNA and although we can thrive independently, we are wired for connection and often have preconceived desires out of our relationships. Conflict often arises when those expectations are left unmet. Learning how to navigate your role in your relationship while simultaneously getting your needs met can lend way to a healthier attachment style and in turn a more fulfilled commitment. I want to help you feel comfortable and confident no matter what your ‘relationship status’ is.

Body Image

Health is not about the way you look, it’s about the way you feel. But if you feel trapped in a prison of your own insecurities, you know this is a difficult mindset to adopt and instead you fall into the self-deprecating trap of treating your body with disgust and hatred to achieve the results you desire. To create a loving relationship with yourself includes creating a loving relationship with your body. We have one chance at this life thing, why not come to appreciate and honor the vessel that carries you through it all?


If you’ve ever felt small, insignificant, less than or not enough, you know the impact it can have on your life. You’re quiet about your dreams, nervous to rock the boat and are often left feeling unmotivated and stagnant. Instead of using every bit of your strengths, you choose to play it safe. Girl. Let me tell you right now - no one has the power to tell you what to dream. No one has the power to define your worth but YOU. Let me repeat that. The power lies with YOU. And as my girlfriend (we’re not really friends, but I like to think we are) Rachel Hollis says, you were MADE FOR MORE. Live it like you mean it.


We have been told time and time again to hide our bodies, keep quiet about our sex lives and feel shamed about our desires. Y’all. I’m not buying that BS anymore and I won’t let you buy it either. This topic has lived in the taboo shadows for long enough. You are human. You are a woman. You have longings, pleasure cravings and desires like every other living breathing being on this planet. I want you to learn to embrace your sexuality. Own it. Honor it. Work it. Flaunt it. But mostly be DAMN proud of it.

LIfe Transitions

Life can feel really chaotic at times and although change is a guarantee, we all struggle with it when it comes. Transitions can appear in all forms: dating, marriage, divorce, career, motherhood, relocating, breaking-up, family planning, self-discovery (hello! who isn’t going through this one?)…the list goes on, as does life. But we don’t have to trek it alone. Together we will work towards adjusting to the changes that are causing distress and create a life that is happening for you, not to you. You in?

Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common reasons people seek out therapy. What we often don’t realize is that these are symptoms of a more deeply rooted struggle. Regardless, they can be crippling and overwhelming. You don’t have to live that way. Together we will explore your experience with them, identify your stress activators and warning signs and begin to create a new relationship all together. Depression and anxiety don’t have to run your life.