Hey girl, let’s do this.




Babe, you’re not lost. I know it might feel that way, but I promise you’ve been here the whole time. You’ve just likely been buried under other people’s opinions. Opinions that have shaped a narrative that doesn’t fit you. Opinions that have clouded your most authentic self. Enough is enough. It’s time to reclaim your life.



Bring Healing.

When we carry our unresolved pain with us, our sympathetic nervous system is always activated to protect us - and before long, we’re exhausted and depleted, leaving us little energy for things or people that bring us joy. Together, we’ll explore your pain points and work towards creating a life of harmony and healing.

Bring Hope.

It’s normal to feel defeated and hopeless when you’re knee deep in a tough season. You don’t have to feel this way forever. Together, we can unpack the distress that you carry and move you towards the life you desire - restoring your sense of hope, motivation and inspiration for a brighter tomorrow.

Bring Peace.

The chaos of life has a way of consuming us, often lending way to a disruptive internal and external conflict. In therapy, we’ll explore the root of your discomfort and use effective grounding and processing techniques to create a deep sense of authentic tranquility.

Bring change.

Many of us want to shake up our lives but nearly all of us struggle with taking the next step. We were made for more babes. Together, we’ll explore your biggest hopes and dreams and cultivate the confidence and commitment you’ll need to make a lasting impact and a more fulfilling life.


“I refuse to live as half of myself simply because other people can’t handle all of me.”

Rachel Hollis  |  Girl, Wash your face



Hi! My name is Alyssa Cornett - a confidence coach, empowerment enthusiast and women’s therapist (none of which are technical terms, but that’s how my clients and I like to see my work). For the more technical, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a specialty focus on helping women live their most authentic lives.

I have spent my career developing skills to support women through some of the most difficult work of their lives - self discovery.

Together we will explore your interpersonal and relational challenges to build a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life. Every journey is different, every goal is different. My goal remains the same: to help you feel more confident and competent to boldly live out your best life - whatever that may be!

I am kink-friendly, sex positive, body affirming, LGBTQ allied and knowledgeable, socially and culturally involved and informed. Everyone is welcome here.


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - License #202648

Master of Arts in Counseling - St. Edward’s University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - The University of Texas


I Help women navigate:

  • Unhealthy relationship patterns

  • Intimacy and sexuality

  • Diminished self-worth

  • Identity challenges

  • Difficult transitions

  • Guilt and shame

  • Body Image

  • Depression

  • Anxiety


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