LOVENTURE (n): A bold experience characterized by excitement, passion, exploration and growth!

The Sniffle Effect.

Have you ever had a runny nose? A sniffle that sneaks up on you? You don't think much of it at the time, you blow your nose, clear your throat and move on with your day... until it keeps going. You don't go to the doctor because you think, "oh it's just a sniffle - I'll be fine." So you make some home remedies or take a few over the counter medications in hopes that it'll dissipate. And maybe it does.

Orrrr maybe it doesn't. Weeks later, you find yourself with a full blown cold - chest pains, stuffy head, fatigue, you name it - you got it. And you begin kicking yourself for not going to the doctor sooner... when you first felt that sniffle.

Now what if that effect had the same impact on your relationships? What if we could reach out for help right when we felt something was "off", before it felt doomed and beyond repair? What if you could be proactive in your love life? If you could go into a relationship feeling confident and competent, would you? We're talking about prevention and enhancement here folks... and it's right at your fingertips.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.
— Helen Keller

How it all began - the story of Loventure Therapy.

Our journeys are so rich of life. For me, Loventure Therapy began as the personal exploration of that journey. I realized I wanted to make a change in the impact created in therapy. I wanted people to know they could come into therapy BEFORE things felt beyond repair; to know that it was okay (because it absolutely is!) to work on preventative skill building, enhancement work and maintenance; and understand that by doing so, they would feel more connected, confident and competent - not only in their intimate or romantic relationships, but within the relationship they held with themselves. That's the beauty of the Sniffle Effect (read if you haven't already!) - the power is in the client's hands to make those changes. Part of my passion is to help them recognize, utilize and honor that power in an effective and healthy way.

But I felt like this passion needed a name. I knew it was something bigger than just this idea; it was a lifestyle change, a perspective shift. I realized it wasn't just about the adventure, but the love within that venture that makes life feel full. Love in all of it's capacities. Not only the grand peaks of passion, excitement, accomplishment or connection but the low valleys of anger, resentment, jealousy and sadness. I wanted to capture the full essence of the journey of our lives and help my clients become stronger, more confident travelers of their own. So amidst a short car ride with my husband, the realization hit, the stars aligned and the term 'Loventure' was created.

And ta-da! So began Loventure Therapy! It's funny how you often don't realize you are on a path of discovery until you've traveled on it for what seems like far too long; all the while, later realizing how far you've actually come. But that is where I have found myself; walking this journey, stumbling a bit along the way, recognizing when the pieces are about to drop (see Sniffle Effect) and proactively moving forward. As a result, I've been able to empower my clients, and strengthen them to feel more motivated, rejuvenated and connected - impacting them in a way that creates meaningful, lasting change.