Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if we need longer than the 6 sessions?

If you complete the trek and decide you'd benefit from a longer guided journey (extended services), we will reassess, cultivate a new treatment plan and discuss and direct towards the goals you desire to achieve!

  • How is the short trek different than couples therapy?

The short trek simply offers a more focused approach with a very particular pain point in mind. Often times it can open up other concerns, in which case, we assess if longer therapy is needed. However, this can be a great route if you are simply needing a tune-up, reboot or tweak in certain areas.

  • Can we adjust the amount of sessions?

Absolutely! I like to tailor the work we do specifically to your needs. Simply ask and I'll be happy to discuss what is most therapeutically appropriate for you.

Relationship Coaching - THe short Trek

Feeling confident with your direction but wanting some guidance on how best to get there? You may not need long-term therapy and that's okay! Sometimes we just need the right equipment before we venture onward; which is why I've created the Short Trek! The Short Trek is more fitting for those that are desiring guidance about learning a new skill, breaking an unhealthy pattern or creating a more fulfilling shift in their lives without undergoing the deep rooted processing. Instead, we will briefly discuss the origins of the struggle, then move towards proactive changes, solution creations, and healthy goal improvements. This route has also been helpful for premarital counseling as couples prepare for their pending nuptials and the life they'll share together.

Together we will meet for a total of 6 sessions - one initial 2 hour consultation, four weekly 50 minute coaching sessions, and one 50 minute follow up session to be conducted 3 months after completion of services. Think of me as your temporary tour guide! The key to a successful short trek experience is to have a specific direction (issue) in mind that you wish to address. You bring the curiosities, enthusiasm and determination, and I'll help guide you to your desired destination in a short period of time.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
— Lao Tzu